It’s Anne with your Coaching on the Go. 

So what happened to your energy yesterday when you think about when you’re standing in your power and you really have to be honest with yourself, and you’re giving away your power and you’re being a victim?

So when you stood there and you allowed yourself to feel the direction of the energy, what did you perceive there? 

When you are in your power, your energy extends beyond your body. 

It shows up before you show up. 

When you are a victim, your energy, it steps back and it feels as though it’s inside you, it’s not even to the edges of your body. 

I had a client that I engaged with this weekend, she was struggling with something that came up and it really hit her.

It hit her, and it started taking her into a cascade of other things, other times, other places. 

She had become, in the story she was telling, a victim. 

A total victim to the moment. 

And so that’s what happens. 

You give away your power and suddenly you forget who you are. 

And it’s all about the circumstance, it’s not about who you are.

You are not being you. 

So what do you do? 

Well, I just highly suggest you just get it out. 

You just take some time to get it out, relieve it, release it, regurgitate it. 

Take some time to go all out. 

Set a timer, explore it and expel it.

Really what you’re getting to do here, when you think about it, isn’t to just get it out. 

It’s to get to the point where you really, really feel that energy of being a victim. 

How does it feel when you’re vomiting all of this out? 

How does it feel? 

How do you feel?

And then I want you to understand that you’re the source in your life. 

You are the powerful creator in your life. 

So you, on some level, on the biggest level, are the one who created this, and your perception of it is magnifying it and giving it specific meaning. 

So before you can deal with all that, you get to expel it.

So it’s a valuable tool. 

Give yourself a certain amount of time, engage in getting it out, and when you get it out with a coach, the coach can take you through the next steps. 

So if you find yourself getting it out over and over and over with many people, you’re staying in it. 

Why are you staying in it?

What’s in it for you there? 

This gets complex, so there’s lots of layers of possibility and understanding, but I’m touching the surface of it in today’s lesson. 

So the importance of understanding that you went on a wild ride and that you’re in the midst of it, you’re in the momentum of it, and it feels like it’s going to take a long time to shift the momentum.

You start by identifying your feelings.

When it’s a big feeling, it means it’s not just about now. 

It’s a feeling that takes you into other experiences and other times, and it’s diminishing the way you feel about yourself. 

It’s putting you in a place where you are giving away your power and you are stepping into victim mode. 

So that’s your assignment for today, to get to steep yourself in the feeling of it, to go all in on it, knowing that the purpose of what you’re doing here isn’t really to get it all out so you can air it, it’s to get it out so you can really feel the way you’ve given your power away. 

So it’s a double duty exercise. 

You’re getting the satisfaction of really throwing it out, really complaining about it, really explaining why you’re feeling the way you are, and then by the end of it, to really ask yourself, “Am I a victim or am I in my power?” 

This exercise will really let you see how you’re giving away your power when you do this.

It can also be used for other things, as I said. 

As a coach, I would be digging into it on multiple levels and taking notes around what’s going on within it so I can take it in a variety of directions and out the other side. 

So tomorrow, some more coaching on it. 

We’re taking one step at a time this week on one of the ways that you can engage with a feeling like you’ve been wronged.

Something’s happened, you don’t even know what to do with it. 

Something quote “happened.” 

Sending you love. 

This is a great process, so stay tuned.