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Passionate about getting back to the business of being yourself? I am part of a virtual event called Sustainable Peace: Daily Strategies to Igniting YOU. This event is your chance to connect with diverse experts sharing their greatest strategies to help you live a life of excellence despite what is going on around you. [Insert your affiliate link here]

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Join Anne Klein and me to learn how to turn a challenge into sustainable expansion! [Insert your affiliate link here]

Are you craving the knowledge and tools to be powerfully and joyfully you? This series is for you.
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Do you need support in developing a strategy enabling you to be consistently resilient and solution oriented? This will help![Insert your affiliate link here]

Pandemic got you down? This will help you find your way and never be knocked off course again.[Insert your affiliate link here]

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I know it’s a unique time in which our inner stability and resilience seems to be tested daily. Are you worn from the stress and pressure we are all experiencing as we decide whether to listen to ourselves or the many messages coming at us about how and what we should be thinking and behaving? Is your health suffering and your ability to make decisions as well as to carry on in a powerful way in your home and work life? Are you ready to engage some strategies that will not only help you today, but keep you more stable and unshakable as you continue into the future? I am honored with being interviewed by educator and coach, Anne Klein, who has put together a special event on best living strategies, focused on helping people engage in adopt strategies for resilience and personal success.

The Live Virtual Workshop is called: Sustainable Peace: Daily Strategies to Ignite YOU. It is live on Thursday, February 4th, from 10am to 3:30pm CST.

This is the second workshop in a series directed at helping people who recognize their life has been adversely effected by the past year, and who are interested in making changes to stop and redirect themselves in a manner that will secure a more grounded and stable future.

Here is what you can expect:

  • Real conversations, concise and poignant
    • 10 experts, plus some bonus speakers
    • 30 minutes interviews
    • Stories to connect you to the experts, revealing why each was drawn to their field
    • A specific strategy from each speaker you can engage in NOW
  • Specific strategies
    • Diverse solutions from 10 areas of research
    • Expertise designed engage your whole being
    • Tools to pick and choose from
    • Ways to get started NOW
  • Surprises


I have a free ticket for you to attend. You will be able to tune in from anywhere using your computer or phone!

Anne has had a career as a teacher and artist. She has always had a deep joy and interest in seeing people’s giftedness and helping them explore and expand it. She loves helping people and addressing problems with dynamic solutions. She is a connected, intelligent being who has attracted an interesting group of presenters, to generate a well rounded group of possibilities to empower those struggling in this unpredictable time.

I am excited to be a part of this workshop series. These interviews and mini workshops will expand your ability to remain grounded and resilient, despite the ever changing world around you.

Click here for your ticket to this free workshop.


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