Hey, this is Anne with your Coaching on the Go. I have been highly engaged for over a month now in a large coaching container that is really special, and as I coach it, it is creating massive, expedited expansion for me, because as you teach something, then you really know it, you really learn it. And what I’m discovering is it doesn’t matter how long I’ve been working on my expansion, there’s always more expansion. So when somebody asks you, “When are you going to be satisfied? When are you going to be done?” You can just say never. You can just say, “When I am done, I’m leaving this existence for the next.” Nothing to feel selfish about.

Actually, let’s talk about the word selfish. Our society has made the word “selfish” bad. But if you are really selfish, if you really are focused on self and you’re really tending to yourself in the best way, which would mean you’re really in touch with who you are, your authenticity, then wouldn’t you be the best version of yourself when you’re being selfish? If you really give yourself what you need – the love, the care, the variety, the growth, the expansion, the learning, the satisfaction – imagine the service you could be to others. You would have so much within yourself to give away because you’re taking care of yourself, being selfish. So next time someone talks about you being selfish, say, “In all the best ways.”

So back to the coaching container. We’re never done growing, we’re never done expanding. So when you start getting really comfortable with yourself, and the part of you that likes to keep you safe has you lulled into a very average existence, where you’re watching TV, you’re doing the same thing every day, you’re relaxing, just remind yourself what you came here for. You came here to never truly be satisfied. It’s that lack of complete satisfaction that drives us to the next expansion. It drives us to the next cool thing, the next exciting thing, the next compelling thing, the next fascinating thing. So my wish for you today is that you’re never fully satisfied.

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