Hey it’s Anne with your Coaching on the Go.

This week I am talking with you about time. 

What you do with your time. 

If you’re focused in the moment in time. 

If you are sidetracking, multi-tasking, doing too many things at once, when you’re recreating, you’re thinking about work. 

What are you doing with your time? 


A few weeks ago, in another leadership group that I’m connected to, we took the time to start assessing our time, keeping notes on it on the hour, keeping a little notepad.


And I want to challenge you to do this. 

It’s extremely revealing. 

What I discovered was I wasn’t working as much as I thought I was. 

Some days, other days, I was working much more than I thought I was. 

Often I was multitasking while I was working, being distracted by my phone or by buzzing or digging or notifications or emails popping up, and I realized a lot of things about the way that I work was really revealing. 


I’m committed with this group of people. 

We’re committed to consistently keeping track of our time. 

And so it’s not just for a week, but it continues on and on. 

So right now, with the data for the week, I’ve been able to see where I’m really benefiting from what are the skill sets that I’m betting benefiting from in my schedule.


And what I’ve discovered for myself so far is when I’m not multitasking, when I actually set certain times for me to do certain things and I’m not thinking about other things, I’m not letting myself get distracted. 

When I’m working, I’m working. 

When I’m not working, I’m not working. 

When I’m relaxing, I am relaxing. 

So I want you to sift through your schedule this week. 

Find out what you’re doing, set an alarm for every hour, know what you’re doing, know what you actually get done, find some things out.


So I’m connected with someone I really respect and admire, avery, very successful business man who came up from nothing to selling his first business for $105 million. 

A/nd he’s already sold it, I think he’s on his seventh business right now in one of the concepts that he teaches is the five hour workday. 

And he tasked us with really, really tending to what we do every day.


And I want you to do the same thing. 

If you want to look him up, Trevor Blake, you can discover, he’s a fascinating human being who deals with the things we deal with here, the quantum field, your energy, how you put energy out, how you visualize, how you create with your thinking and then your being and you’re doing.


So Trevor, we have been discussing the last couple of weeks, the five hour workday. 

So when I went to Maine with my partner recently, we discovered that even after one day of completely relaxing, we felt as if, we were positive we been relaxing for three days. 

It was time bending, and the ability to focus on what you’re doing is so important to the quality of what you’re getting done.


Here’s a question for you. 

Why would you multitask or think about three or four things at once, if you could think about each one and be exceptional at it in the time that you’ve allowed for it? 

So you’d be exceptional at relaxing when you’re relaxing, exceptional at working and efficient when you’re working. 

When you’re with people and you’re not sidetracked with your phone or other things, you’d have quality visits.


So this week’s coaching: So if you could do that, why wouldn’t you do it? 

So this week, a couple of things. 

Keep track of your time. Note it. 

See how much time you’re spending on work, play, relaxation, eating, thinking, sleeping. 

Take notes on that and then analyze it. 

And at the same time, when you’re done with that, I want you to be also thinking about when you are doing things on your calendar, I want you to be thinking about not multitasking. 

Purely do the thing that you’re sitting down to do and finish it.


And then when you have time that you’ve scheduled into your calendar for relaxation or fun or reading or drawing or painting or running, do that without sidetracking. 

Do it purely.

So this week is a discovery of how you use time and using time in an essential way where you’re not diluting any of the things you have on your schedule by doing more than one at once.

Do the task at hand, or the relaxation at hand, or the eating and dining at hand. 

Do that purely and see how that feels. 

Sending you big love. Bye bye.