Hey, this is Anne with your Coaching on the Go. 

Remember a time when you used to declare things? 

When you were so confident you would say things out loud before they were done, before they were even started, knowing they would be completed and that you would do them, and you could see yourself there?

Think about the process of it.

It’s talked about in the Bible, the process of creation, and then there are books about it. 

As a Man Thinketh is one book. 

So it’s the understanding that you get the idea for it, you think it, and you become it. 

And if you don’t get in your way with resistance, that happens. 

So, a declaration. 

I used to declare things constantly, and even in my adult life I’ve declared some big things and stepped right into them very quickly.

But somewhere along the road I started to get nervous about declaring, fearing I would make a mistake, fearing I wouldn’t accomplish and I would look silly. 

Recently I’ve been reacquainted with the power of declaration. 

So lately I declare daily what I’m going to create that day. 

Some days I hit it, sometimes I don’t. 

When I don’t hit it, all sorts of things come up about not keeping integrity.

The process, however, opens me to possibility, and I’m building that muscle. 

So yesterday I referenced a declaration I made three months ago to attract $100,000. 

I set that up for myself so it didn’t matter how the money came, because I have some paradigms around money. 

I’ve had them in the past where money comes when certain things happen only, and so that’s limited my ability to attract money. 

Almost everybody I speak to has limiting beliefs around money. 

Very few people that I’ve met, that I’ve heard speak, have an openness with money, a joyful relationship with money. 

There are often things that are pulling and creating a gravitational force around our ability to attract resources. 

After all, money is just a bartering commodity. 

If we were trading for things, you’d be trading something of value, that someone else thinks you have of value, with something you think they have that’s valuable. 

So money just made it easier for us to barter, to trade goods and services, but somehow money has become an entity that creates a lot of stress.

There’s a lot of stress around it for people. 

So when you have a big idea, when you want to do something big, it’s calling on you to draw the resources towards you to enable you to do that. So I’m creating an expansion to my spiritual retreat center, and I have also created a nonprofit that is preserving a huge tract of land.

It’s an agricultural piece that then drops into a pristine river corridor, so there’s some big ideas around organic farming there, sustainable farming practices, land conservation, and creating a project where there’s some level of luxury at a retreat center, and then there’s a balanced, off-the-grid use of energy. 

And this is a big idea, so it’s asking for a big grouping of resources to pull it together, and that is supporting me in stepping beyond some of my limited beliefs around gathering and attracting resources and money.

So the reason I share this all with you is what do you have in your life that you would enjoy more of, or what’s a bigger vision you have where you’ve been limited by something, whatever it is?

In this case for me, it was money.

And that money came, and now I’ve stepped up that proclamation, that declaration, because I’m going to compress time and I’m going to share with myself and show myself that the attraction of money is based on a belief system.

It’s not based on a limitation of money. 

So what in your life have you found yourself limiting your life by a belief system? 

What paradigm would you like to break through? 

What would you like to do regardless of what you think is available or not available? 

This is an opportunity for you to really turn on your master creator button. 

To create without limits like you were designed to, like you were put here to, like you came here to and like you came here with the skill set to do.

So your assignment today is to think about something, an area where you can start making a declaration that’s uncomfortable for you, that has been in the past, and then I’m going to continue coaching with you about taking baby steps into that so that you can slowly release your resistance around it.

So we’re talking about declaring, we’re talking about opening up the conduit of creativity and creation that you came with the skill set to have, and somehow you’ve shut it down, on some level.

There’s not a person in the universe that doesn’t have another level of creation available. 

So from wherever you are, whatever stage you’re in, wherever you are in the resistance journey or the creation journey, find an area today, pick an area today where you can focus in this week on beginning to make declarations.

Have a beautiful day, sending you love.