Hey, this is Anne with your Coaching on the Go.

This last couple of weeks, we’re talking about our inner dialog, how we treat ourselves, how we interpret what we’re saying.

What is it about? What energy are we putting on it?

Is it supporting, is it resisting?

This week we’re specifically taking the words, the questions, the comments that are made while we are in a state of creative expansion, when we are asking for more.

It could be something as small as thinking about what we would like to purchase to augment our lifestyle, or an idea we have or a project we want to do, or a place we want to go. It can be anything.

What conversation is coming up around that?

For some of you, as soon as you come up with an idea, you start shooting it down.

For others, it’s less dramatic, but you’ll notice a thread.

This is something that you’ve probably had floating around for decades in your life.

Today and yesterday, you’re curiously looking at what you’ve been saying to yourself, and then what I want you to do is neutralize that into just words.

So don’t put any energy on it, just use that as information for what you get to gather to solidify your own belief and to actually take the project forward.

So yesterday I mentioned thinking of those questions as questions coming from part of your success team when you hear them now.

So if the question is, “Why do you need that,” answer that question.

“I would love to have that.

I don’t need that.

I would love to have that.

It’s going to add this and this to my lifestyle.

It’d be fun to have that.

I would like to use that.”

Whatever that reason is.

“Well, you can’t do that.”

“Well, I can, and this is how I can.”

Answer those, change your relationship with your inner dialog.

Your inner dialog doesn’t have to be intimidating, critical, a stopping point for you.

Be neutral.

Stand in neutrality and take seriously the things that are being said and thought about in your inner dialog.

I guess what I’m asking you to do today is treat your inner dialog as an intelligent inner dialog.

Remove the energy around it, that it has an attitude.

Take the attitude off of it.

Just look at the information and see what happens there.

Start taking care of those comments and questions.

Start giving them consideration.

That’s your work for today. H

ave a beautiful rest of the day, sending you love.