Good morning, this is Anne with your Coaching on the Go. 

We are constantly interpreting our world and everything people do, and giving it the meaning that it has. 

We actually have a lot of power in how we choose to interpret, and we can be very open and get many different viewpoints from the same scenario. 

Just like the same story can have many, many different interpretations from different people, we ourselves can do the same thing. 


So last week we talked about an internal dialog that starts showing up when you want to do something more, you want to be more, do more, have more. 

You have ideas about your own expansion, things you’d like to do next, things you haven’t done yet, things that are new. 

And then there’s the internal critic or the internal analyzer. 

There’s nothing wrong with this part of yourself, it is a really important part of four different aspects of how we operate. 

So it’s natural that part of us is asking for the details. 

“How will you ever do this? 

You haven’t done it before. 

How do you know how to do this? 

You don’t have the knowledge for this.”


So those voices, we can interpret them to be critical or we can interpret them as being collaborative, or actual questions to be considered. 

So last week, the emotions that came up around those questions we asked, are those positive, are they part of us taking steps, or are they critical, and we took a deep dive to figure out what those were about so we could release that, create a new story and operate in a new way.


This week is an extension of that. 

I’m going to have you look at your questions from last week, look at the questions you wrote down that you were asking yourself when you’re about to embark on buying something new, doing something new, signing up for a class, taking some coaching, buying a car, starting a business, even thinking about a business, moving to a new place. 

Many, many things that we think of during the day. 

What questions are coming up and how are you feeling around those? 

That’s what we talked about last week. 

This week, you’re going to look at those questions just as questions, no energy connected, no response about why the question was asked, no assumptions made about the question. 

Let’s look at those as questions, legitimate questions from a part of us that wants to know the details so we can proceed.


Now, sometimes that analyzer part over analyzes and we can’t move forward, just like the energetic promoter part of us sometimes is so excited, like a golden retriever chasing a stick, that it just responds quickly to the emotion and energy of a situation. 

All of the operational systems that we have within ourselves, they have a balance point, or they have a point where they’re not operating well because they’re either too extreme or they’re not showing up. 

So what we want to do here is let our analyzer ask the questions without another part of us taking it personally or making it feel bad. 

Let’s look at those questions as questions coming from a team member, a powerful team member that is driving us towards a successful conclusion to what we’re wanting to do. 


So today, it’s simple. 

Your assignment today is to go back into the questions that came up last week, or they can come up this week. 

Let’s say the next thing that you want to be working on, a big project, a proposal, shifting from one job to the next, looking for new opportunities, living in a new area. 

Whatever those are, look at those questions that are coming up instead of interpreting those questions with some energy off of them. 

So you may have grown up around someone who is constantly directing you, wanting to direct you, and so you feel very heightened about being asked questions. 

I can be in this category. 

When you’re asked these questions, sometimes it can make you feel like you’re being questioned, you’re not being trusted. 

So take all the energy off the questions. 

That’s your job today. 

Tomorrow, we are going to go another step. 

So, do the homework. 

I love you. 

Have a beautiful day.